A seven-storey mixed-use commercial development within the Silicon Docks.

This project included a structural steel package for the spacious feature atrium with high speed scenic elevators and architectural Tee-section beams along with balconies, balustrades, handrails and gates.a Sorting Officeb PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-50-02c PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-56-40 (3)d PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-56-40e PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-49-05f PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-55-38g PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-49-33h Stairs Pic 5i PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-55-37j PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-55-38 (1)k PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-55-39 (2)l Stairs Pic 2m PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-55-41 (1)n PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-55-40 (2)o Stairs Handrailsp PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-47-44q PHOTO-2020-07-06-21-47-47r Entrance Gates